The number one question asked by millions of business owners, entrepreneurs, and brand experts every day is: “What should I be posting on social media?”


What started as a fun extension of your life has turned into a stress-inducing stare into your phone as you wonder what will get the most traction.


Been there, done that, studied it extensively!


And we’ve come up with this one simple answer:


Post what makes up your daily life.


Hey, we told you it was simple.


We’re of course talking in broader themes. Don’t feel like you have to post every single detail.


Here, allow us to break it down.


Most of us humans have a few things we really latch onto and go all in on.


We’re talking family, hobbies, pursuits.


Social media has the power of allowing others to get to know us before the sales process ever begins. With that, shouldn’t they know a few things about you?


Who you are as a person makes you referable.


You have unique and memorable things about you. Yes, you really do!


So why not showcase and leverage these things and MAKE them your brand?


You’re a golfer, you’re a mother, you donate your time and efforts to a local nonprofit, you spend your weekends on the water and in the mountains.


In this day and age, people want to see you and who you truly are.


Social media hasn’t defined us, it’s exposed us…




Look, I’m not saying you have to be all in it all the time like Gary Vee, The Kardashians, or your kids’ favorite music group.


However, you do have to understand the power of this internet thing and this social media thing.


The best way to take advantage of that?


Double down on what’s interesting and dynamic in your life or business.


Take a good look at your hobbies, your family, its traditions, your vision for the future, the fun you’re having right now.


I guarantee by posting relevant content about these core tenants of your life regularly on social media, the RIGHT group of consumers and fans are going to find you. THIS is what makes you referable and keeps you top of mind!


We like to find 4-6 core tenants for each client or brand we work with.


With this, they have themes to post within, taking a lot of the guesswork out of consistent posting.


We urge you to get your own Core Tenants listed out. We even put them on calendars for people to really make it simple! We can even give you a hand, send us an email to talk to a brand expert.


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