We strive to provide complete security solutions for you and your business. We can offer both security personnel as well as consulting services for your technology needs. Our security staff are experienced in protecting a variety of installations including private residences, retail storefronts, other public and private property, personnel, assets, and equipment.


We can provide both uniformed and plain clothed, armed and unarmed security guard services as well as personal drivers and escorts/bodyguards. Whether you need temporary or long term protection for your staff, events, property or assets, we can accommodate your security staffing needs.


We have experience working with a variety of access control, video and audio surveillance systems and can manage and consult on your system installations and upgrades, as well as provide the staff to monitor them. We can also help you develop personalized security solutions on your data systems, such as secure email, file storage and virtual private networks (VPNs). We provide the end to end technology solutions to secure your property and/or business.


Do you need assistance with an investigation? Do you need to gather information about an individual, organization or installation? Our consultants can provide the investigative and surveillance services you need.

We can provide physical surveillance on a target using a variety of methods including direct surveillance, drones, and video.

Our consultants can also provide digital surveillance services across digital networks including investigations, information gathering, public records searches, and monitoring social media.